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TV Series

Goldmill’s team of producers and writers are currently working on a brand new television series entitled 'Family Treasure' (pre - production), a gripping drama series about an intelligent young man who returns to South Africa after years of being exiled in the USA. A simple quest goes bad. In his path; powerful families, ruthless business giants, and malicious mastermind get in his way and try and stop him from getting what is rightfully his. Prime time entertainment! Watch this space!!!


Film production is one of Goldmill's core functions. The company takes pride in unearthing African talent and stories and aims at transforming them into top quality entertainment productions that meet international standards. In essence, the objective is to add to the existing array of international entertainment by providing phenomenal motion pictures.

Musical Videos

A captivating music video has the power to keep a viewer interested in your song long enough to get them won over. Unearthing talented artists through a state of the art music video can be the difference between making the big time and remaining unknown. We welcome all artists to do their music videos with us. Our professional editors and advisors are always available to add that polished touch to your video. Just dream it, we’ll make it!


Through cutting edge research, the world of documentaries is explored. The interest in capturing every moment, at every chance, and creating real-life stories that personify the story of Africa is inspired by every culture that defines our incredible nation and continent. These productions range from short and feature films to autobiographies.


Goldmill Productions is currently working on catchy, innovative commercials for a few clients. The advertising division always works towards capturing audiences, our clients and ultimately the customer. Adding an element of distinction to our client's products is what sets the company apart from its competitors.

Other Functions

IImportant moments in our lives need not to be forgotten. With current HD technology, your special moments come to life! Goldmill will ensure that all such wonderful moments are captured to bring back memories and take you back to that special day. Bridal showers, Weddings, Ceremonies, Lobola negotiations, etc. You name it, we do it all!
The services provided by the company are the kind which will give you total satisfaction and value for your money. Goldmill ensures attention to detail in all services rendered. The company also undertakes special services apart from those not listed above. Simply Contact us, and provide us with all your desired customized details.