Company Vision

Goldmill’s work involves compelling narratives for series, top notch feature films, advertisements, documentaries and other media related productions. These elements are the core functions of the business and will help the company become an esteemed participant in the industry and global markets.

Through creative inspiration, innovative ideas, connecting with our target market and potential audience, as well as teamwork and ethical business practices, Golmill Productions is set to leave its mark locally and internationally.

    We intend to ...

  • Create marketable entertainment productions
  • Offer young creative minds suitable domestic solutions to their media ambitions
  • Shift the standards of South African productions to higher and internationally acclaimed positions.
  • Apply innovation as our competitive advantage

Customer Service

The customer is and will always be the most important person to the business. Goldmill Productions believes that adding value is still what people require, and thus, always ensures to give its customers the best value for their money

Award Winning

The Goldmill vision is to be part of a dynamic legacy that will be renowned for inspiring revolutionary concepts that possess creative style and idealism. The desire is to achieve awards from both local and international realms that will shape the standards of our productions and embody the symbolisms that define the kinds of art that Goldmill Productions institutes and produces.

Global Reach

Goldmill Productions aims to reach out globally, with the high standard productions that suit the global ranks. We have made it priority to communicate with international media companies and seek business on their grounds. One of our Directors will be flying abroad from June through August 2011 to expand the idea of Goldmill in Atlanta, USA. The company is aligning itself with American industry giants with the purpose of evolving African media and obtaining potential investments in our productions.


Goldmill Production doors are always open to business. Contact us today! Click the link below

Our Values

Quality films. Top class entertainment. Revolutionary media. Viewer satsisfaction at the highest level.